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So, this is my first blog and I really hope I don't bore you too much - here goes!

Hi, I'm Kristin, owner of Unicorn Sweet Boxes since June 2020.  I have spent most of my career so far in the hospitality and events industry, before starting my sweet gift business during lockdown - it has grown from strength to strength mainly through social media, word of mouth and my wonderful, supportive family, friends and industry contacts!

This is the first business I have ever run and although I knew it was going to be tough work, I don't think I understood how much I was taking on.  I wouldn't only be selling sweets, but would also be responsible for; sales and marketing (including creating and updating a website), budgeting and forecasting,  ensuring the company adhered to council and industry regulations, making up orders, packaging orders for posting, dealing with customer service, invoicing, and lastly (although I have definitely forgotten a lot of other duties), my 'favourite' - stock control!

In 2020 we have seen a huge shift in consumer purchasing habits and there has been a large focus on "Shopping Local" and "Shopping Independent", rather than with large high street brands or online retailers.  However, we must also drive awareness that these local and independent retailers are often only one person, and for many of them - this is not their only job!  Certain online retailers have set a precedent with consumers of FREE next day delivery, which is simply not possible for many smaller businesses - especially on the lead of to Christmas where postal and courier services are experiencing large delays due to volume. 

Most retailers will have a section on their selling platform/social media regarding dispatch and delivery times (NB dispatch and delivery are two very different things!) I have heard so many stories from friends, and experienced so many impatient and rude customers on the lead up to Christmas - which can be disheartening, but I truly believe this is due to the larger retailers, who have great resources setting almost unachievable standards for the rest of us (but I guess that's their USP, right?).  My favourite story from a friend was a customer who simply wrote in the notes "SEND ASAP" - no please, or thank you, it made me laugh!

In summary, please keep shopping "Shopping Local" and "Shopping Independent" (I read a slogan the other day which I liked - "BUY LOCAL, OR BYE LOCAL!"), and please be patient with us and remember we are only human - we will always do what's best by our customers, because let's face it, without them we'd be nothing - but we simply cannot match the dispatch and deliveries times of huge ecommerce's (especially when we usually have to make our product too!).

About Unicorn Sweet Boxes

Unicorn Sweet Boxes is an small business run by Kristin Lamb - it was established in June 2020 and offers a range of sweet and chocolate gifts for individuals, weddings, events and corporates. 

For most information:

Website: www.unicornsweetboxes.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/UnicornSweetBoxes
Instagram: www.instagram.com/unicornsweetboxes/


Thank you to my partner Callum, who has supported me throughout this period (and be made to help with deliveries)!

Thank you to my Mum, who I think shares every single Facebook post!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, liked, commented, shared and recommended my business.

Lastly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to a little support group of 6 people who have been more like work colleagues over the last 6 months. We are all now running our own businesses independently, chat almost everyday, give advice, offer support, give each other ideas and provide ears for a general rant!

Please check out these small businesses - you don't need to make a purchase to support us, just like, comment, share - you have no idea this difference this makes to us!

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Wick'd Crystal Candles:

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Belle's Bespoke Baskets:

Lastly me, Unicorn Sweet Boxes:

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  • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Jade Fairley on
  • Well said Kristin,!! The small local retailers are so important and the service you get from them is first class. Let’s all keep giving them our business in 2021. Congratulations on your success during your first year.Evelyn.xx👍

    Evelyn Sharp on
  • Excellent and informative post. You deserve to be successful for all the hard work and commitment.

    Margaret Stevenson on
  • Fantastic and very true blog Kristin. Where would we be without our local shops and local businesses….they have all been needed and there for us throughout this awful time. Everyone keep supporting them. 🙏🏻

    Kathlyn Lamb on
  • Great Post and so important to remember as a consumer that things have changed and to be patient while small businesses adapt :)

    Erin Burden on

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